There aren't many Grandia related sites left, even the fanlistings are few! Grandia III wasn't as good as the first two games, and no one knows if a new Grandia RPG game (not online or a spin-off) will be released. It's a shame, the battles are great. Grandia II is still one of my all time favourite games. Anyway, you're not here to read what I think about the Grandia series. Enjoy the few other sites you see here, and if you would know a site I don't have listed here, then don't hesitate to contact me about it! And also, please support the Grandia fandom and join the fanlistings!


General big Grandia sites, enjoy!
Vast Lands of Grandia - a great Grandia series fansite
Grandia Online - a nice Grandia series fansite
The Grandia Sanctuary - an old website with pop-ups and banners, but it has lots of information!
Grandia series Wikipedia - general information about the Grandia games
Grandia Wiki - it's as a Wiki should be, it has tons of information


These are the only two character shrines I could find, be sure to visit them!
Automata - a great Tio shrine, be sure to visit it!
Feena's Dreamscape - a very old, but very good Feena shrine

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